Where can I mail a donation?

Thank you for donating! Please send it to:

A Need We Feed
PO Box 461
Island Heights, NJ 08732

What is your tax ID number?

Our Tax ID number is EIN: 82-3856159. We are a 501c-3 organization.

There was a mistake with my online donation, can you fix it?

Please contact us about donation problems. We can issue a refund if the amount is incorrect, cancel automatic monthly donations if you did not intend to give monthly, or add any additional information to your gift.

Do you accept donation via PayPal?

Yes, Paypal is a payment option through our online donation form

How does a restaurant participate in meal preparation and deliveries?

If you are interested in participating in our weekly meal program, please email Amanda at abrunas@aneedwefeed.org 

I need help finding food near me. How can I receive meals from A Need We Feed?

If you want to be added to our weekly meal list, please get in touch with Amanda at abrunas@aneedwefeed.org or 732-630-5987

I want to hold a food drive for ANWF; what do you accept? 

Individual snack packs of fruit, pudding, applesauce, crackers, cookies, pretzels, and chips.